Town of WestonaltThe town of Weston, originally a part of Fairfield, was incorporated in 1787. Weston was primarily a farming town until industrial growth opened up throughout the region. Established manufacturers of toys, furniture and other items were eventually joined by canneries, iron foundries, blacksmith forges and other industries.

After the Civil War, manufacturing started to decline as the need for water power, the driving force for industrial growth in Weston, became less important. Businesses folded or moved out of town, which seriously reduced the town’s population. Weston then began the transition to its modern day status as a residential community. Today, “Weston” is synonymous with “rural”. This is made apparent to anyone who drives through the town’s 20.8 square miles of woods, hills and fields. 10,000 Weston residents live in large traditional New England-style homes, set on two or more acres of property.

Weston features a 1,662 acre Nature Conservancy, which emphasizes the town’s focus on
Image    nature and draws attention to the many outdoor activities available in the small town. The Recreation Commission provides outdoor attractions including a swimming pool, tennis courts and other community programs. The town also hosts a range of private riding stables and country clubs.