altBordering Norwalk to the Northwest is the town of New Canaan, incorporated in 1801. Today, over 19,000 residents live within the 23.3 square mile town of beautiful rolling hills and large estates.

Although the Merritt Parkway and Metro-North provide residents with easy access to neighboring towns and New York City, New Canaan has an abundance of natural amenities which help maintain the character of its colonial heritage.

Private clubs, local parks, and the YMCA provide ample opportunities for activities such as horseback riding, golf tennis, squash, baseball, and football. New Canaan is the home of the Silvermine Guild ArtsCenter which presents art exhibits, host lectures, seminars with guest artists, museum trips, and also chamber music concerts. In addition, the Silvermine School of the Arts is located within the Guild Center.

New Canaan also offers a theater group, its very own Nature Center, and Wavenly Mansion. A number of museums, maintained by the New Canaan Historical society, help to preserve the history, natural beauty, and Canaan’s two main streets are filled with many fine shops and stores. New unique charm of this town.